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OEM Press Systems is pleased to offer a range of hydraulic press and material handling systems for the production of conventional particleboard, MDF, OSB or other innovative products made from a variety of recycled materials. We also offer supplementary equipment including chip preparation, fiber preparation, mat forming, cooling, trimming and sanding equipment to integrate with the press system to provide a complete production and finishing system.

  • MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) Production Press Line
  • PB (Particle board) Production Press Line
  • Plywood Production Press Line
  • Bamboo-based Board Production Press Line
  • OSB Production Press Line


80,000 m3/year MDF production line

MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) Production Press Line

Medium Density Fiberboard is the closest to natural wood of all the wood-based panels, and it has the most extensive range of applications because of it’s strong characteristics such as smooth face, uniform core layer, superior performance of machining and shaping at the surface and edge, and it's characteristic of being firmer than natural wood.

OEM Press Systems' core equipment consists of a hydraulic Hot Press, and Cool Press with automatic loading and unloading. A complete production line can be provided including a chip preparation section, fiber preparation section, mat forming and hot pressing section, cooling and trimming section and sanding section.

The complete set of equipment offered by OEM Press Systems can produce Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) with output capacity of between 15,000 m3/year, and 80,000 m3/year to suit individual capacity requirements.


PB (Particle board) Production

The complete set of equipment offered by OEM Press Systems can produce particleboard with output capacity of between 7,000 m3/year and 15,400 m3/year

OEM Press Systems' core press line offering consists of a Hot Press, and Cool Press with fully automatic loading and unloading. A complete Particle Board production line including a flake preparation section, drying and classification, glue preparation section, mat forming, hot pressing and edge trimming and sanding section is also available. The system can be customized to meet your individual processing requirements.


Plywood Production

The Hot Press system offered for plywood production has four standard platen size options: 4’ x 4’, 4’ x 6’, 3’ x 7’ and 4’ x 8’. Additional platens sizes are available upon request. The rough board needs to be pre-pressed before being hot pressed, and OEM Press Systems can supply the pre-pressing equipment as well as the hot pressing equipment to provide a seamless production system. All pressing equipment can be automatically controlled through an integrated state-of-the-art computerized production control system that will provide automatic processing of production orders.

In addition, OEM Press Systems also offers hydraulic press lines for producing formed wood, chair backs, seat panels, shuttle panels, sewing machine boards, and much more.

Bamboo-based Board Production

The Hot Presses offered by OEM Press Systems, Inc. for bamboo-based production are generally used in the manufacture and production of bamboo plywood, bamboo mat board or bamboo screen board. OEM can offer a variety of press designs to meet your custom production requirements.


OSB Production

OSB is a new type of structural board that can be extensively used in construction, furniture making and high-grade packing. It is generally regarded as the economic alternative to common plywood.

OSB is manufactured by using thinly sliced particles with a certain ratio of particle to resin. It is formed by oriented forming and hot pressing.

The OSB production line generally includes particle preparation, drying and separate conveying section, resin preparation, glue making and spraying section, forming and hot pressing section as well as cut-to-size treatment. OEM can offer a turnkey system with a fully automatic computer control system to meet your requirements.