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OEM Vacuum Hot Press efficiently removes entrapped air and volatiles from the material lay-up construction prior to the application of heat and pressure to ensure void free printed circuit boards, laminates, molded parts and composite structures.

Engineered and designed with a welded leak-free Vacuum chamber the OEM Vacuum Press offers vacuum processing combined with accurate pressure control and optimum temperature uniformity. OEM's Vacuum Press can be custom designed with single or multiple daylights to increase productivity and yields. Integrated loading and unloading systems allow you to automate and improve the system efficiency while also reducing labor costs.


  • Welded chamber for "leak-free" operation
  • Vacuum draw down within 5 min. standard (as fast as 30 seconds if required)
  • Vacuum levels can be programmed and monitored throughout the cycle
  • Programmable Degas cycle evacuates off-gases during the press cycle


  • Entrapped air is removed, not just compressed
  • 95% less voids than output from a non-vacuum press
  • Press can run at a lower psi on product
  • Ability to evacuation entrapped air from larger size panels