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OEM's VAC-Q-LAM Vacuum Hot Press system is designed specifically for the manufacture of multilayer Printed Circuit Boards, Rigid-Flex and Flex circuits. The OEM Vacuum lamination press provides the most precise lamination technology for high layer count PCBs where removal of entrapped air and even pressure and temperature distributionacross the entire area is critical to the quality of a flat and uniform finished panel. The exceptional pressure accuracy of OEM's Quad Piston Press allows leading PCB manufacturers worldwide to produce high layer count boards with very tight line and spaces with high yields repeatedly.

OEM's exclusive press design uses four double-acting cylinders to close the press and apply even pressure across the entire platen surface area. The double-acting cylinder design gives you far superior control of your hydraulic pressure during the ramping up and ramping down of the pressure on your product. A sophisticated hydraulic unit allows you to accurately program your pressure to within 1.25% of setpoint.


  • OEM Vac-Q-Lam vacuum chamber for removal of entrapped air from the multilayer book lay-up
  • Quad Piston Press design evenly applies pressure across the entire platen area
  • Uniform temperature distribution and precise pressure application across the entire platen area
  • Ten (10) segment recipe control with the ability to step from segment to segment based on multiple different process variable


  • Void free lamination improves product quality and yields
  • Improved registration - less shifting of innerlayers during the lamination processPress can run at a lower psi on product
  • First platen loading height can be as low as 28" from floor level providing easy access to vacuum chamber for loading/unloading
  • Thermocouple connection and maintenance purposes