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We can offer cycle programming based on timers, or based on automated recipe controls. Multiple cycle segments can be programmed and saved for repeatable processing giving consistent results every time. Flexibility is the key to our controls systems, we can develop any package that will satisfy your needs. We can interface with your existing equipment or provide fully independent controls systems.

Available options include:

  Data gathering
  Historical trending
  Data storage and recall by batch number
  Data export for Statistical analysis
  Tracking and more.

Controls upgrades to existing equipment in order to take advantage of the advantages posed by the latest developments in controls system technology.

OEM will provide you with excellent service and support to ensure that your press system remains in production 100% of the time. Our Service Department can provide the following services for your benefit:

  Immediate service support via on-line and modem troubleshooting capabilities
  On-site support
  Same day shipment of inventory spare parts
  Field service technicians who are fully trained in all press mechanics, hydraulics and electronics
  Installation supervision, or turnkey installation services available
  On-site start-up at your facility by a qualified OEM Field Service Technician
  OEM’s Field Service Technician will train all Operations and Maintenance personnel in the operation and maintenance of the equipment in order to ensure that you are completely self-sufficient in running the system before we leave your facility after start-up
  A full twelve (12) month warranty on parts and labor on all new equipment
  Extended warranty, Preventative Maintenance and Service agreements available