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Hydraulic Vacuum Press Systems for the Lamination
of Multilayer Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs)
and Flexible Circuits

The OEM lamination press system provides the most precise lamination technology available in the world. Our exclusive press design provides even pressure distribution across the entire platen surface along with exceptional pressure accuracy and control.

Manufacturers of high tech multi-layer printed circuit boards utilizing OEM's hydraulic vacuum press system have reported high yields with very tight registration amongst the most challenging multi-layer Printed Circuit Boards and Flexible Circuits.

Utilizing thermal fluid heating, or electric heating the OEM press platen is designed for uniform temperature across the platen and very precise temperature control. Combined with our computer control system the OEM Press system offers excellent process control that is both repeatable and reliable.


"I can honestly say that the OEM Press System has been a dream piece of equipment since we installed it three years ago" - Everett Charles Technology, Tempe, AZ

"The consistency of flatness in product laminated in the OEM press is a huge factor for us. The OEM Advantage Computer controls system gives us the ability to develop any number of different recipes for the wide variety of product we manufacture. The precise recipe control eliminates any guess work by our operators as we can ensure consistent results by running proven recipes. We have yet to find a material that we can't successfully laminate in our OEM press" - Price Printed Circuits, Elgin, IL

"OEM's innovative press designs are of the highest quality both in terms of engineering design and manufacture that we have been associated with and we would recommend these presses to anyone in the PCB industry" - MULTEK, Irvine, CA and Roseville, MN

"OEM vacuum lamination combined with the uniformity of pressure provided by the OEM press design really make a difference on higher layer count boards, we typically will run higher count boards in the OEM presses" - Merix Corporation, Forest Grove, OR


Dual Hot Press System, 8 Opening,
30" x 40" Platen Size, Thermal Fluid Heated


Customer benefits:

  • Superior production control
  • Unmatched pressure application over entire platen surface
  • Systems allow for lowest pressure lamination for increased dimensional stability
  • Low-profile ergonomics
  • Quick, easy, low-cost installation using standard utilities- no excavation (pit) required.

Design Features

  • Field-proven Quad Piston design
  • Minimal footprint
  • Easy access maintenance
  • Standard temp (525°F) & High temp (1000°F) models available
  • Automatic or Manual control options
  • Vacuum Chamber rated to 29.9" Hg
  • PLC/Computer Interface Controls
  • Positively NO excavation during installation
  • Several loader/unloader options
  • Lowest profile in the industry

OEM's FLEETLINE PRESS - A range of Single Piston Press systems

An economical alternative to the OEM Quad Piston Press System, OEM also offers our Fleetline Single Piston press system. These presses offer all the benefits of accurate temperature control, precise repeatable recipe control combined with the economies of a single piston press design.

OEM offers a range of press loading and unloading equipment designed to easily handle the product being laminated in the press system.
OEM’s Engineering group have designed our Fleetline Presses to have a compact footprint allowing you to maximize the productivity of your press system in relation the square footage it occupies in your facility.

In addition OEM has developed this press design into a completely self-contained press system with skid mounted hydraulic, vacuum and PLC controls allowing you to quickly and efficiently install the press system and get it operational within one (1) day of delivery assuming that all facilities are in place prior to delivery of the press system.