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OEM Press Systems Opens R&D and Prototyping Lab
to Support Customer Product Development Efforts

July 6, 2016 - for immediate release

Fullerton, CA - OEM Press Systems is pleased to announce the opening of a new Press Lab at their Fullerton, California facility designed to facilitate research and development, prototyping, and small scale production of flat panels and molded parts. OEM’s Press Lab includes three vacuum lamination presses with processing capabilities ranging from 12”x12” small scale format to 36”x36” large scale format. With operating pressure capabilities from 100 psi to 3000 psi, depending on part size, and temperature capability up to 1000⁰F these presses can meet the R&D and prototyping needs of just about any size, type and process. The lab also offers a 100-ton non-vacuum molding press with temperature capability up to 750°F. All presses are controlled by OEM’s Advantage HMI and Controls System providing 10 segment recipe programming for temperature set-point and rise rate, pressure set-point with ramp rate, and other key settings. Segment changes can be controlled and triggered by platen temperature, product temperature, pressure, time and more. The system also provides full process and performance reporting capabilities to support key R&D and prototyping data collection requirements.

A significant feature of OEM’s Press Lab is the ability to run cycles under vacuum in any of the available OEM Vacuum Presses. “Over the past thirty years servicing multiple industry segments we have seen that vacuum enhances product quality by removing entrapped air, eliminating voids, improving bond strength and enhancing surface quality of the finished good” explained Mary Quinlan, Sales Manager. “We are very pleased to be able to offer the advantages of vacuum to our existing and potential users. Our lab service is the ideal way to qualify vacuum and verify the benefits of vacuum to a particular process”.

“We recognized that many of the companies we were getting inquiries from for new presses were still in the R&D phase of product development and evaluating their prototyping requirements. Often they were finding that the acquisition of a new press wasn’t necessarily the most financially prudent path forward at this stage” said Sean Field, CEO of OEM Press Systems. “Offering our clients a cost effective service to do research, development and prototyping makes sense for them, allows OEM to offer our production expertise, and enables our clients to validate their product designs and processes much faster.”

As an additional service, OEM offers 3D-printed thermoplastic molds for prototype and small scale production. The advantage of a 3D mold is faster turnaround times which allow the user to refine the mold design at lower costs and shorten mold building time thereby accelerating production times.

For Press Lab information including specifications and availability please contact Mary Quinlan at (714) 457-2245 or or visit


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