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It happened at an industry convention in 1983. Our company’s founder, John Copp, while listening to the discussions amongst industry peers, had an idea. Not just an idea, but the kind that can change the rules. It was different thinking. It had not been tried before. It turned conventional press designs on their head.

The idea inspired industry leaders including IBM, Digital Equipment Corporation and Hughes Aircraft, several prototypes were built in a garage for pioneers including Seymour Cray, Mike Amolfitano and tested by these industry innovators. It worked. This was the birth of the OEM Vac-Q-Lam Vacuum Hot Press System, an innovative press design that offered a unique combination of even pressure distribution across the platen area combined with the ability to remove entrapped air and volatiles with the end goal of perfect lamination in a vacuum chamber.

The idea made our client’s product better, it gave them capabilities they hadn’t had before, it helped them grow. John patented the idea and OEM Press Systems, Inc. was born.

We may have started from a garage, but now we operate out of a 80,000 square foot facility. But today, just like in 1993, we listen to our clients, understand their requirements and offer them a Hydraulic Press solution that gives them the capabilities they need to consistently make good product, to grow and succeed.

Thanks to hard work with an impressive client list, OEM Press Systems is a global leader in the design, prototype and manufacture of Vacuum and Conventional Hydraulic Press systems.

Whether it’s solutions for the Military, Aerospace, Automotive, Industrial, Transportation, Sports, Medical or another field, OEM Press Systems helps their clients leverage composite materials to create lighter, stronger and more durable products.  Our passion burns strong.

OEM Press Systems, Inc. has been designing and manufacturing Hydraulic Press systems and Vacuum Press systems for over twenty-five years. As well as a standard product line we are heavily involved in custom engineering press systems for unique applications. These presses have assisted research and development organizations, universities and companies in the development of materials and processes for a wide variety of applications.

OEM Press Systems’ strength lies is our indepth knowledge of materials and processes, we want to understand your application completely so that we can build the ideal press for your requirements. Our team of engineers and technicians will listen, gather data, analyze and propose a solution that will meet your requirements.