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OEM Press Systems is a leading hydraulic press manufacturer providing application driven, engineered solutions for compression molding, bonding and material forming applications. OEM's robust press design coupled with our precise recipe control system are designed for repeatable, reliable molding operations, delivering high quality parts across a range of industries including aerospace, aeronautics, automotive, ballistic armor, high performance sporting goods and medical devices.

Our compression molding press designs include vacuum and non-vacuum hydraulic presses with single and multiple openings. Up-acting and down-acting press designs can be configured to suit your application. Optional integrated press loading and unloading and mold shuttle systems.


  • Clamp Force from 4 to 4000 Tons
  • Temperature up to 1200°F
  • Optional Vacuum enclosure for the removal of entrapped air, volatiles
  • Single and Multiple daylights
  • Custom bed / platen sizes


  • Accurate pressure control
  • Uniform temperature distribution across the entire mold area
  • Robust press design for minimal deflection
  • Programmable closing distance and speed provides increased flexibility when running multiple mold sizes