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Advanced Composites Applications

As industry leaders recognize the advantages and benefits of advanced composite materials in reducing weight, reducing tooling and assembly costs, reducing corrosion related maintenance, and reduced fuel consumption and emissions - OEM Press Systems has design engineered and manufactured custom and standard hydraulic and vacuum presses to support the processing requirements of these advanced composites, resins and thermoplastics.

OEM’s line of robust standard or custom press solutions for the molding or lamination of any composite material lay-up paired with the OEM “Advantage Pro” HMI and control package provides you with the power to optimize press performance, process control and product quality across a range of industries including aerospace, aeronautics, automotive, ballistic armor, high performance sporting goods and medical devices.

OEM offers flexible design options including our patented Quad-piston option or Single-piston designs engineered to your exact product requirements.  Press frame options include Side plate, Four Post, Window Frame.


  • Reliability and Robustness
  • Superior Performance
  • Field Tested Proven Designs
  • Factory Direct Customer Service
  • Factory Service Technicians
  • Flexible Design Parameters
  • Economically Priced
  • Over 30 Years Experience

Composite Molding Press Design Options

  • Single and Multiple daylight openings
  • 4-Post, Window frame, Side plate or
    C-Frame design
  • Precise pressure control accuracy
  • Robust press design to meet any flatness performance spec.
  • 4 Ton to 4,000 Ton capacity
  • Temperature up to 1000°F
  • Custom platen/bed sizes
  • Heated or non-heated platens
  • Mold attachment with T-Slots or Mold mounting holes
  • Heated tooling controls
  • Electrical, Thermal Fluid and Steam heated platen options
  • Optional vacuum enclosures for removal of entrapped air and volatiles
  • Complete centralized process control including hydraulic, electrical, temperature and vacuum control
  • Automated or manual tool shuttle solutions
  • Loader and Unloader solutions
  • Loading stations solutions